Living a life of purpose and enrichment. That’s what we really hope to give Shepherd’s Center participants. To help make this possible we provide programs designed to keep both the mind and body active. The result? Adults who thrive and are connected to their community.

Online Classes

For an up to date listing of online classes, click on the "Online Classes" link above the picture in the navigation bar on the right.


In-Person Classes Suspended


Book Club on Zoom – Join us for a good read along with lively group discussions and book reviews. Meets every second Friday. Call 314-395-0988 for more information.

Group Meeting Suspended - Monday Scrabblers – First and third Monday of every month from 2-4. Call for more details and to reserve your spot at a table.

“I enjoy every session, I don’t know how classes could be any better.” –Hazel

“You provide a most needed program, keep up the good work.” –Jane

“When I come to Shepherd’s Center I feel alive.” –Jerry

“Every week something new is offered.” –Gigi