Quick Witz

What are you doing to stay sharp? Do you want to improve your memory?quick witz logo

Mental Fitness program offered by the Shepherd’s Center

It happens to all of us, we forget the name of an acquaintance, can’t think of the word we are trying to use, or forget where we’ve parked our car.  We laughingly refer to these episodes as “senior moments” but sometimes they are not really so funny.  As we get older, they may leave us wondering if we’re losing our edge.

Get sharp and stay sharp with QuickWitz; a one of a kind, fun, and interactive brain training program.

Fridays, June 19-September 4, 11-noon, $25/12 sessions and workbook

Shepherd’s Center at Webster Hills UMC, 1333 W. Lockwood, Glendale, MO 63122

For more information, go to the programs page or call (314) 779-9231.

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