Fall 2016 – Back to School!

BackToSchoolHeaderA message from Betsy Solomon, Executive Director

Even though the autumn months are technically the last months of the calendar year, somehow they are fixed in our minds as a new beginning. When we are kids it is the beginning of a new school year. For many young adults a new year of college, and eventually parents sending kids to school. This fall, the Shepherd’s Center will have its own “Back to School” with a selection of new classes to accentuate old favorites.

  • Guest Speakers Series: An Adventures in Learning Tradition
  • Documentary Film Screenings
  • Modern Masters: Cezanne, Matisse, Chagall
  • Find Your Personal Muse Workshop
  • Technology Workshops
  • Table Wisdom: Where a Conversation May Lead
  • Great Decisions 2016 Discussion Group
  • Vision Loss Self-Management Workshop
  • Retirement 101
  • Exercise, Studio Art, Brain Fitness and More!

Click here to download a class listing. Fall classes begin September 15 – see you in class!

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